Board Members

The Board organizes and runs the activities and events of VVoA. Board members are elected yearly at the Annual General Meeting and generously volunteer their time and effort toward VVoA initiatives.

The 2016 VVoA Board (last updated on July 18, 2016)

Eric Swanson   Executive Director
Dayna McIntyre   Volunteer Coordinator
Mark Read   Treasurer
Margaret Marean   Secretary/Newsletter
Bryan Nippers   Website (volunteer)
Taylor Mattie   Director
Rosemary Wilson   Director
              Vacant   Business Liaison/Event Coordinator
Jason Burns   Membership Coordinator
              Vacant     Diner’s Guide Coordinator
              Vacant     Marketing Coordinator
Monique Johnston   Social Media Director


Vacant Positions

  • Volunteer Coordinator – Maintain volunteer list. Contact and organize volunteers for VVOA events.
  • Diner’s Guide Coordinator – Maintain the content of the Diner’s Guide, increase discounts offered, work with advertisers.
  • Marketing Coordinator – Promote Veggie events in different print, website and social media outlets.