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St. Albert resident (and new VVoA board member) Laura Creswell recently started a new blog called “Leafy Beans: Plant based living to the fullest.” In this blog, she attempts to document her strives to make each day count, whether it be by participating in various challenges or simply creating and sharing an outstanding meal. Some of her...
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Club VEG

Posted by on January 18, 2012
Club VEG is an Alberta-wide vegetarian/vegan social club, vegetarian education and vegetarian rights & environmental/cruelty awareness advocacy community welcoming everyone with an interest in any aspect of living a healthy self-sufficient vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. Club VEG also runs Edmonton’s #1 most popular (largest) Meetup community!

Desi-American Cultural Experience

Posted by on January 18, 2012
Desi-American Cultural Experience (DACE) welcomes all Indian culture enthusiasts and everyone interested in anything that comes from India, from accupressure & aroma therapy to vegetarianism, wrestling & yoga…etc. Our events are vegetarian as vegetarianism is a huge part of Indian culture/hospitality/inclusiveness. (almost everyone...
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Animal lovers should check out this great volunteer opportunity, it might make for an interesting vacation! They’re here too.