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This page contains general information about veganism as it relates to household products, and also has a collection of links to related resources. http://www.cleaningservicenewyorkcity.com/vegan-cleaning-and-makeup.html
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Dr. Z. Gross has opened a clinic at St. Michaels Health Centre (780-457-1600). It will revolve around Lifestyle Medicine in which nutrition, especially a healthy vegan diet, is an important component. For the next few months, Dr. Gross will be accepting new patients, and he has a special interest in people who are already vegetarians or vegans since...
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Cruelty-Free Shopping Resources

Posted by on February 16, 2014
List of companies that do not test on animals (Peta.org) Certified cruelty-free cosmetics, personal care, and household products (LeapingBunny.org) A small business based in Ontario who specializes in importing vegan pet food and promoting its use in Canada. evolutiondiet.ca – (416)768-2031
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The folks at holisticnutritiondegree.org have researched and compiled a list of 101 sites dedicated to healthy vegan eating and holistic nutrition. The list includes what they regard to be the most fun and informative blogs and sites covering vegan diet, hormones in food, and all the advantages of having a vegetable rich diet. You can see the list at...
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