Event Calendar

Events in green are events that the VVoA is organizing and/or participating in.
Events in red are other events in and around the community that we are simply helping to promote.

Important info/clarification about VegePassport: The Vegtoberfest 2014 event calendar mentions that you can “get your VegePassport at participating vendors to win prizes!” In previous years, we had a separate handout/pamphlet that you could get stamped when you attended events. This year, the calendar itself is the passport, so you may print a copy of the pdf on our website or grab a copy at a VVoA Vegtoberfest event. Then, you can get your calendar stamped at VVoA events, and save your receipts from restaurants. Finally, hand your passport (calendar) in at an Earth’s General Store location by November 7th and you will be entered into a draw for fabulous prizes!