“If we see the vegetarian issue beyond simply our personal health and well-being to its direct impact on the destiny of our planet, then I think it’s good for us to give a little service to the veggie cause.”
–Glen McLean, founder VOA


The idea:

Glen’s decision in 1970 to become a vegetarian was a moral one — he was against killing! Years later when he started a vegetarian food manufacturing business in Edmonton, the health food stores that he retailed through would often refer individuals looking for vegetarian information to him. He realized the growing need for a vegetarian association in the capital city. So, in the late spring of 1989, Glen rented a room at an Edmonton Public Library and showed the film “Vegetarian World” to a group of 35 people — Vegetarians of Alberta was formed!

Through Glen’s dedication, as well as that of Claire Lafreniere, Margaret Marean, and David Parker, VOA has blossomed into a strong organization of over 200 members and volunteers.


Three inspirations from Glen:

“There’s a lot to say about the meat-free diet, about stopping the suffering and slaughter of our friends, the animals, about the eco-slaughter of our planet, and we must get ourselves educated on the subject and speak out.”


“The essential thing for us to understand in sharing this information is to be humble. What I am saying is as individuals and as an organization, we will survive and fulfill our purpose if we act compassionately to others as well as to animals, and move steadily, growing in strength, spreading the message that, once truly understood, can not be denied.”


“If we believe that compassion/reverence for life is at the root of our belief, it means that being a vegetarian is not just embracing a certain eating pattern, but a whole life view that reaches far beyond ourselves.”

–Glen McLean, founder VOA