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Discover Alberta’s Best Vegan Restaurants

Veganism has gained in popularity in recent years as people become more aware of the harmful impacts of animal agriculture on the environment and the health benefits of a plant-based diet because of the diversified demographic and expanding vegan community.

In recent years, Alberta has seen a considerable increase in vegan restaurants. This blog article will explore the best vegan restaurants in Alberta and the potential and challenges that the province’s vegan restaurant business faces.

Alberta’s demographics and cultural influences have significantly impacted the expansion of the vegan restaurant business. A cosmopolitan population that includes immigrants from cultures with long histories of eating.

Plant-based menu options are becoming more popular in restaurants. Using the “Alberta Eats Local” campaign, the Alberta government is encouraging consumers to choose regional, sustainable, and vegan meals.

Here are some of the best vegan restaurants in Alberta:

The Clever Rabbit Vegetarian Cafe

There are a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian options at the Clever Rabbit Vegetarian Cafe in Calgary, as well as gluten-free and nut-free meals. Cheeseburgers, pulled pork sandwiches, and vegan BLTs are all on the menu. The atmosphere is nice and welcoming, and the rustic decor goes well with their dishes’ natural, plant-based ingredients.

The Moth Cafe

A vegan menu emphasizing local and organic ingredients is offered at The Moth Cafe in Edmonton. The cafe offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, including vegan mac and cheese, burgers, and tacos. A casual meal with friends is made even more enjoyable by the cozy, rustic atmosphere.

The Green Moustache Organic Cafe

The Green Moustache Organic Cafe is a well-known vegan eatery in Canmore, Calgary, and Edmonton. Their menu includes vegan and gluten-free options, smoothies, salads, sandwiches, and soups. Vegan desserts are also available, such as raw vegan cheesecake and vegan chocolate mousse. Fresh, healthy products are presented in a cheerful, energetic setting.

Hearts Choices Thai Vegan Cafe

Hearts Choices Thai Vegan Cafe in Calgary offers a range of vegan Thai dishes, including vegan pad Thai, vegan curries, and vegan stir-fries. Their menu is entirely plant-based and gluten-free, emphasizing fresh, local ingredients. The atmosphere is cozy and welcoming, with a rustic interior that complements their dishes’ natural, plant-based ingredients.

The Naaco Truck

A mobile vegan restaurant, the Naaco Truck, sells vegan naan wraps, vegan samosas, and vegan chaat. Their menu is entirely plant-based and gluten-free, emphasizing fresh, local ingredients. The atmosphere is casual and laid-back, focusing on sustainability and reducing waste.

Importance of customer feedback in choosing the best vegan restaurants

Customer reviews and ratings are important when choosing the best vegan restaurants in Alberta. Online review platforms such as Yelp, Google, and TripAdvisor can provide valuable insights into each restaurant’s food, service, and atmosphere quality. However, taking these reviews with a grain of salt is important, as they can be subjective and influenced by individual tastes and preferences.

Challenges Faced by vegan restaurants in Alberta

The vegan restaurant industry in Alberta faces several challenges, including a need for more awareness and understanding of veganism among the general population and the higher cost of sourcing local, organic, and plant-based ingredients.

However, there are also opportunities for growth and expansion in the vegan restaurant industry in Alberta. As more people become aware of a plant-based diet’s health benefits and environmental impact, the demand for vegan cuisine will likely increase.


Finding the top vegan restaurants in Alberta involves more than simply finding delicious cuisine; it also involves promoting a just and sustainable food economy. The number of vegan eateries in Alberta is expanding, and these establishments provide various options, from conventional vegan fare to unusual and inventive dishes. We can improve the stability and health of the global food system by supporting these companies.

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