Aug/Sep 2014 Newsletter + Vegtoberfest Events Calendar

This October, the VVoA is excited to kick-off World Vegetarian Month with our annual Vegtoberfest. Vegtoberfest runs all month long, starting with a Veggie festival at Earth’s General Store and followed by a month of movies, potlucks and demos! Come and enjoy some fantastic local veg-friendly events. See the last two pages of our current newsletter for the complete Vegtoberfest calendar.

Important info/clarification about VegePassport: The Vegtoberfest 2014 event calendar mentions that you can “get your VegePassport at participating vendors to win prizes!” In previous years, we had a separate handout/pamphlet that you could get stamped when you attended events. This year, the calendar itself is the passport, so you may print a copy of the pdf on our website or grab a copy at a VVoA Vegtoberfest event. Then, you can get your calendar stamped at VVoA events, and save your receipts from restaurants. Finally, hand your passport (calendar) in at an Earth’s General Store location by November 7th and you will be entered into a draw for fabulous prizes!

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Upcoming Events

Events in green are events that the VVoA is organizing and/or participating in. Events in red are other events in and around the community that we are simply helping to promote.

Vegan Business Directory

Want to find vegan businesses in our area? Click here to browse our current list! Have a vegan business you want to advertise? Please send an email to info@vofa.ca with the following information:

  • Business Name
  • Contact Person
  • Contact Phone
  • Contact Email
  • Website
  • Type of Business/Institution
  • Products Available
  • Totally Vegan or Vegan Products Available?

What is the VVoA?

Vegans and Vegetarians of Alberta (VVoA) is a registered, non-profit society formed in 1989 to serve people who are interested in learning about, adopting and/or maintaining a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. VVoA is a non-political and non-religious organization run solely by volunteers. We strive to be a reliable source of information concerning vegan or vegetarian, health, environment and animal rights issues.

The VVoA regularly organizes social events such as potlucks, diners club meetups, tablings, and bake sales. We also host speakers and films for educational purposes. You do not have to be a vegan or vegetarian to participate in our events; everyone is welcome!

We encourage you to purchase a membership to VVoA, which helps pay for event expenses. In return, your membership card provides you with discounts at many of VVoA’s events, as well as at participating restaurants and shops. For more information, please visit our Diner’s Guide page.

Please contact us if you have any questions, or would like to volunteer with the VVoA.


Want to get involved with the VVoA? Click here to view vacant posts, here for a list of volunteering opportunities, or email info@vofa.ca to learn about the many other ways that you can participate.